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CFO Tandem support newly promoted CFOs in handling the challenges and changes they face with confidence and serenity. 

My mentoring is tuned to your challenges, helping you to adapt quickly to your new environment, meet the expectations of your superiors, and take on your new role efficiently and effectively.

The difficulties of taking up a CFO position for the first time

Young CFOs who have just been appointed in international group subsidiaries, or promoted locally, often find themselves alone, half way round the world, with operational issues, new staff to manage, and priorities to juggle.

To take on the new role successfully, you need to combine technical and managerial skills, adapt to a new environment, boost your visibility and communicate effectively with your superiors and your staff.

My dual expertise, the solution for a successful take-up

Stéphanie Teillard d’Eyry, founder of CFO Tandem

Technical expertise

Graduate in Corporate Finance and Private Law, holder of an MBA from HEC, I have 15 years' experience as country CFO.  My operational and structured approach allows me to effectively assess and structure short and medium term challenges. I help newly promoted CFOs to settle smoothly into their new position. 

Managerial excellence

Through 25 years of experience in Financial Departments of large groups in France and abroad, at head office and in subsidiaries, I have gained expertise in managing multicultural teams. I help CFOs to build their network, to find their persons of confidence, as they work in tandem with their Managing Director.

CFO Tandem

8 pitfalls to avoid in your first 100 days as CFO

Free gift to adapt quickly to your new environment 

Benefit from my expertise and experience !

CFO Tandem Services

Combining advice, strategy and technical aspects, my mentoring is tailored to each individual and is provided in video-conference format, in English or French.


-3 months-

Clarify your vision of your mainstays and identify the areas on which your attention should be focused.


-6 months-

Arm yourself with an effective management tool to help get others behind your objectives and vision as a CFO

Business Partner

-9 months-

Become your General Manager's "go-to" resource thanks to your analysis skills and your management tools.

Methodology & Results

The 3 cornerstones of my support services

The experience I have gained with very varied environments and challenges enables me to adopt an individualized approach


Expert support: business activity management issues, business cases and budget construction


Advice on organizing financial teams and related management issues


Advice on communication and positioning within the Executive Committee

Expected benefits

A successful start thanks to optimal management of your department

Excellent "mapping" of the company's challenges and the financial teams' priorities
Introduction of new management tools to help develop the company's strategic vision
Positioning yourselves as real Business Partners - the General Manager's teammates
Recognition from headquarters and local staff
CFO Tandem - Prise de poste

Stephanie is a great professional to work with. It has been a pleasure working with her, as CFO of Ipsen Russia. She has an excellent cross functional view, a in-depth business understanding. She is great support to the business having strong strategic view, while being very operational.

Eleonora Topuridze

Franchise Head, SC, Aesthetic at Ipsen

Stephanie was a very special bright Finance director. She has a deep professional knowledge and the perfect soft skills. She is a strong team builder, leader, fighter and crazy enough to survive in Russian realities.

Petr Ivanov

Head of Business Intelligence and Reporting department at 1С:Первый БИТ

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