About Me

Stéphanie Teillard d'Eyry, founder of CFO Tandem

With my experience as a CFO in large international groups and speaking 3 languages fluently, I created CFO Tandem based on my skills and my aspirations.

Mentoring and passing on my expertise and soft skills in multicultural environments have become my professional mission.

CFO Tandem
CFO Tandem

My background, my career


Graduate in Corporate Finance and Private Law, holder of an MBA from HEC I worked for 25 years in different areas of Corporate Finance, within large international groups. I was therefore able to tackle the numerous aspects of Financial Departments in France, abroad, in subsidiaries and head offices.


My business expertise? I am an Experienced Corporate Finance Consultant, specialized in operational transformation, process simplification and organization optimization, in particular of financial teams, for international groups

The birth of CFO Tandem

Passing on with passion 

With my years of experience in strategic positions, I have developed a dual technical and managerial expertise. At the head of various financial departments, I have enjoyed supporting younger CFOs in their international postings. Passing on my skills, supporting change, guiding young talents has become a veritable professional mission for me.

The essence of CFO Tandem

Through the creation of CFO Tandem, I am keen to share my vision, my knowledge and my know-how. Are you becoming a CFO? I accompany you as you take up your new position, in Tandem, during the early, decisive months. I help you manage the pressure, support you to deliver the expected results and transition from technical excellence to managerial excellence. I help you quickly grasp the technical, operational and strategic dimensions.

CFO Tandem

Accompanying someone is to be neither in front of nor behind them, nor in their place. It is to be next to them.

Joseph Templier

My vision

The key elements to success :

// Prepare for taking up the position, an essential prerequisite for success minus the exhaustion

// Have a clear path, to give the right direction to your department and choose priorities

// Give a business sense to your new function, be attentive to internal customers to create added value

// Communicate and bring people together, as the expected Leader

My mission

“The more we help others, the happier we are; the happier we are, the more we want to help others. ' Frédéric Lenoir

My mission is to help newly promoted CFOs so that they can take up their duties calmly and quickly. I share my technical skills and managerial excellence acquired over more than 15 years as a CFO.

My Personality

Energetic, supportive and committed, I will assist you in a structured and organized way for better performance and peace of mind. 

I like working with teams, providing my support, looking ahead, achieving ambitious results. I am practical and take pride in things working well

Need Advice

Were you promoted to CFO?

You want to quickly adapt to your operational issues and effectively manage your staff.

I can support you, wherever you are, with flexibility and discretion. Save time right now, book an appointment to clarify your expectations.

For a successful start