3 months support

As an international executive, clarify your vision of your mainstays and identify the areas on which your attention should be focused.

Enjoy support from the early days in your new position and guarantee a successful take-up.

great CFO

Need to interpret your environment

You arrive at your new post, but nothing has been prepared for your induction
Financial results, audit reports, project presentations are all waiting on your desk

Your team is keen to meet you and is expecting decisions

Your General Manager invites you to all the meetings, which you attend without understanding the stakes or what is required of you
You feel more comfortable in front of your screen preparing your reports. You know this is no longer what is expected of you ... but they have to be done ...

Analyze the stakes and clarify your vision

Evaluate the subsidiary's strategic issues, your General Manager's priorities, and those of the other members of the Management Committee

Ensure there is a perfect match between your urgent issues, your priorities and the subsidiary's strategy

Establish a clear picture of the subsidiary's financial situation and the aspects you need to focus on

Revisit in detail the company's processes, operating methods, financial statements, audit reports, etc.

Identify your key internal players

Ensure your actions and decisions will be facilitated, that you are credible and consistent, by remaining enthusiastic and confident

great CFO 10 qualities to focus


-3 months of tailored support -

Regular contact, appropriate materials, close monitoring


6 individual 90 minute meetings, with individual support in video-conference format

Recordings of all the sessions

Each session is prepared and then followed by an action plan based on our discussions


A shared dossier providing a methodical framework, templates and business resources that combine analysis, reflection, preparation, and strategy

A tailor-made "MAPPING" document defining the actions to be implemented, which you can refer back to and communicate if necessary

Follow-up & contacts

Assistance on technical subjects such as: review of internal audit reports, financial audits, organization, job description.

Signature of a confidentiality agreement


Your strengths at the end of the support sessions

You will have a complete and precise view of your subsidiary's and teams' processes
You will know what direction to choose for your function. This will allow you to assess your organization and your priorities objectively and calmly

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