My dual expertise, the solution for a successful take-up

Stéphanie Teillard d’Eyry, fondatrice de CFO Tandem.

As a financial consultant with 25 years of experience, and fluent in three languages, my technical and managerial expertise is at your disposal to support your career.

CFO Tandem

My technical expertise

My operational and structured approach allows me to effectively assess and structure short and medium term challenges.

Strong strategic planning skills

Excellence in structuring processes in rapidly changing environments

Efficient management and coordination of international teams, controlling, cash management, taxation, internal control, accounting and purchasing

Extensive exposure to developed and developing markets including Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia

My managerial excellence

Intercultural management

25 years' experience in the financial departments of large French and international companies has enabled me to develop strong skills in managing multicultural teams

Developing a network

Beyond technical expertise, success within a group requires a clear vision of the expectations of one's peers and effective communication of objectives and results. That is why I am accompanying young CFOs to build their network, to find their anchor persons, to work alongside their Managing Director, to become a true Business

“And stand together yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow."

Khalil Gibran - The Prophet

My method

Succeeding as a CFO is not easy. It means moving forward methodically and with foresight.  Find out about the 9 steps of my support to become operational and effective in your new position as CFO.

1. The current situation: evaluate your environment, your contacts, assess the company's rituals, inform your first findings report

2. Be clear on the company management's expectations and positioning

3. Identify the issues, allies, key partners, network of influence, risks

4. Set your priorities in the short & medium term, establish the roadmap as a reference, kick off your first actions

5. Identify performance indicators, optimize existing data, develop effective and pertinent dashboards, set ambitious objectives, share them

6. Assess your team, outline its objectives and then delegate, forming an efficient team to serve in-house clients

7. Take charge of your new team and lead it, stoking the fires of change

8. Verbalize, express your vision, prepare Management Committee meetings, reassure by adopting an open and confident posture

9. Run the Management Committees and Project Steering Committees, to have people adhere to and get behind 'Finance' challenges and those of the company

My Experience

2014 - 2020

IPSEN - Biopharmaceutical Group




To lead the Finance, Tax, Internal Audit and Procurement teams with the aim of delivering business transformation and performance monitoring


  • Establishment of a strong business partnership across the finance organisation
  • Creation of a Shared Service center, enabling all support functions to be transferred from Kazakhstan and Belarus Representative Office to a single processing point
  • Increased sales forecast accuracy to 85%
  • Inter-Company payment accelerated by + 30% thanks to WIC improvement

2009 - 2012

SYNLAB - European leader in medical biology diagnostic services




To restructure the finance department in order to provide solid and consistent information to General management and Shareholders in a rapidly accelerating growth environment


  • Recrutement, training and integration of a team of 25
  • Improved accounting reliability/harmonization and quicker monthly closing process turnaround
  • Analysis and presentation to the Executive Committee and the reference Shareholder (UK Private Equity)
  • Modeling and monitoring os synergies with regard to acquisitions

2005 - 2008

BIC - World Leader in stationary products, lighters and shavers


Director of Acquisitions


To drive all acquisition activities required by the group's growth objectives


  • Acquisitions of premium brands in France, the United Sates, Brazil and India
  • Minority share buy-back in Romania, Japan and South-Africa
  • Brand extension trough partnerships

2000 - 2005

BIC - EMEA - Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa


Division Finance Director


To fully restructure the finance and customer service department in a rapidly growing division


  • Drastic reduction in closing times (10 to 4 days)
  • Discontinuation of 75% of SKUs, sharp increase in stock rotation (40%)
  • Receivables down by 45 days

1998 - 2000

BIC - South East Asia


Divison Controller


To establish robust financial controls in 7 new Asian Subsidiaries


  • Creation and customization of performance indicators
  • Harmonization of accounting procedures to consolidate results and give a true picture of the economic reality of the newly created subsidiaries

1996 - 1998

F.C. OBERTHUR - Worldwide special in fiduciary printing




To deliver more robust reporting, budget and cost control process


  • Establishment of performance indicators for all the division's activities
  • Implementation of an industrial performance audit => reduction of production cycle cost by+20% in 2 years

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