Project management

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As an executive at the Head of the Finance function, you play a central role in the company's transformation process. Change management is a major challenge for you.

Benefit from experience-informed guidance to position yourself as the Leader of your project. Become the driving force behind the change!

Stephanie Teillard D'Evry

Need to drive the change efficiently?

You are aware that the multiplicity of projects carried out by Finance leads to a bottleneck, a loss of efficiency and a high risk of failure

You don't have enough time to devote to coordinating your transformation projects, leading teams, and coordinating the testing phases

Timescales, budgets, dashboards, running the steering committee, all figure among your responsibilities. And yet formalization, coordination, and communication of your transformation projects come on top of your already substantial core activity
The staff aren't on board yet? This leads to real inertia in the company

Drive change management

Organize and Manage a project, from concept to implementation

Plan the actions to be carried out, delegate them and monitor their progress

Lead the project monitoring committees, team meetings, crisis committees

Formalize the requirements statement, the Roadmap, progress monitoring

Deliver the project within resource, time and budget constraints

Estimate the inherent project risks, anticipate them by implementing preventive and corrective actions

Communicate and provide visibility to stakeholders, your management, and the Board

Project management

- Tailored support -

From the recommendation phase to the deployment of concrete solutions, I ensure the successful implementation of your transformation project.

Budget construction

Your budget is the translation in financial terms of the objectives that your company sets for the coming year.

Ensure the coordination and successful completion of the budget process across all departments  

Shared Service Centre

Deploy a shared services centre, whether green field or by transferring to an existing site.

Optimize support function organisation in a multi-establishment and subsidiary context

Internal auditing

Reinforce all the safeguards that ensure control of the company is kept, through the establishment of internal methods, rules and procedures.

Set up an independent and objective activity in order to give your organization assurances on the degree to which operations are under control

Organization and processes

Increase the overall competitiveness of the FINANCE organization

Speed up cycle closure, decision making, review and simplification of internal processes. Completely dematerialize customer, supplier and employee cycles


Your strengths at the end of the support sessions

You will roll out your transformation projects with peace of mind, and be seen as a true leader 

The excellence of your communication and your own commitment will be your best arguments to convince your superiors and get your employees on board!

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